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We know that you may have many questions about the online purchase process, here you will find answers to the most common situations of our customers, if you do not find an answer to your situation you can contact us by sending an email to

How to buy in our virtual store?

Buying online is very easy, you just have to go to there you can see all our available products, you must take into account selecting the size you want.
Once you have added your purchase to the cart, you are going to pay and select the address and the city where you want to receive your product, there we automatically calculate the value of the shipment.
You give PAY and there you will be directed to our payment platform, which is totally secure, fill in the data of your payment method and once your transaction is validated you will receive the corresponding messages.
And ready, once we receive the confirmation we will proceed to dispatch the product, the delivery time is 24 hours during the week and depending on the destination city this time may be modified.
“The payment method is by credit or debit card through the MercadoPago payment gateway.

Do I have to register to make a purchase?

No! once you CLICK on GO TO PAY you will get 3 options:
I don't want to register: Continue without registering or logging in.
I have never bought: Register and save your data for future purchases.
I've bought before: Sign in and use your saved data for this purchase. Filling out the fields in the payment platform.
Choose the option of your preference and fill in the required data, both purchase data and shipping data.
If you register after your purchase, we will use your email data to group all your orders and so you can see the history of your purchases.

How to pay online?

Click on the PAY NOW button and fill out the required fields on the payment platform.
If you have problems when making your payment, YOU MUST CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR CARD WITH YOUR BANK.

What forms of payment are available to me?

You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club Credit Cards, as well as with all Debit Cards. (With a Credit Card you can defer the value of the item you want to several installments). We are working so that in the future you can pay in cash when placing your order.

How is the approval of the cards carried out?

All banks carry out a process of validating the truth of the purchase and card, the times vary depending on each bank, in this case, the time of approval of the order is borne by your Bank, these validations and approvals, are completely out of Our responsibility. The delivery time will begin to run once your bank approves the payment.


For cards abroad, immediate approval or maximum 48 hours


For national cards, immediate approval.

Are my card details recorded in your system?

In our online store we DO NOT capture, store or transmit transactional data. Our ally MercadoPago (payment gateway) has an SSL certificate that guarantees the security of your information. You can make your payments on our secure website.

Can I buy products from abroad to be delivered in Colombia?

Yes! Our clients abroad can send our products to their relatives or friends in Colombia from anywhere in the world.
For this they can use credit card payments.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

After making the purchase and the payment being approved, the dispatch process is carried out immediately and on average delivery is made in 24 hours. However, delivery times vary if the order is on a weekend, since the next day is taken. business day for the process and also depending on the delivery city, the shipping time may be longer.

Can I request that my order be sent anywhere in Colombia?

Of course YES, our deliveries are made throughout the Colombian territory.

In what state is my order?

You can consult the traceability through our online store simply by entering the code of your order, also if you want to know in what state it is in the delivery process, you can consult the guide of the logistics company taking into account the code that will arrive at the time of receipt of dispatch notice.

Does my order have a guarantee?

Returns, modifications and cancellations

GARCES BOTTIER is not responsible for the conservation, handling or distribution that the client may give to them once delivered. Our products are perishable, therefore their storage is vital for their quality.
Returns of products purchased in our online store that have been uncovered and consumed will not be accepted. Likewise, users will not be able to cancel or modify orders once they have been approved by their bank.
However, if any inconvenience arises, GARCES BOTTIER will try to solve all the problems that may arise in the fastest and safest way for the satisfaction of our customers.
In this situation, immediately contact our email and we will execute the guarantee process in the event that the product does not comply with the inherent characteristics and those attributed by the information provided on

What is the availability of the products?

The products shown in our online store are available, once the inventory is zero, the product will no longer be displayed and cannot be purchased.

What happens if I pay for a product and at the time of shipment it is not available?

In the event that this situation arises, we will contact you to find out if you want a new product with a different flavor or if you want your money back.

How much do shipments cost me?

The shipping cost will be settled at the time you include the delivery information. This value will be clearly visible and will allow you to decide to accept it before making your purchase. The values depend directly on the transport company.

To which cities can I send my order?

We ship to all major cities in Colombia.

Can I send an order to a different address than the one I entered in my purchase or in my registration?

Yes, when placing your order the system first asks you for the delivery data, you can enter your data if you want it for yourself or enter the data of the person to whom you are going to send it. Then the system will ask you for the payment details.

What happens if I am absent at the time of delivery?

If you live in a residential complex, the address will be delivered to the doorman. Otherwise, we will contact you by phone to coordinate the delivery.

Can I buy products from abroad to be delivered to a country other than Colombia?

Unfortunately not.
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