Garces Bottier Garces Bottier is a women's shoe brand based in Colombia, created by the Garces sisters with the mission of elevating women with so much more than a pair of heels 

It is a sisters' dream accomplished in 2017, that brings the family footwear factory back to life to offer job opportunities to local traditional shoemakers.Timeless, playful and with the comfort that only a true Bottier knows how to master in its art pieces, are key concepts of the brand, which approaches sustainability by the use of biodegradable materials. Present at the most exclusive boutiques of Colombia, Garces Bottier grows at a steady pace. The sisters' sorority is the mold that shapes this significant project, that wishes to honor its ancestors.

The story begins in 1979

The story begins in 1979 in Bucaramanga with grandma Herminia, a mother with four kids to maintain. With her couture skills she started to sew modest shoes, without ever imagining that this craft would awaken a family vocation.
With the need to finance his studies, his son Jorge joined the business and rapidly transformed the small entrepreneurship into a big shoe factory. This is how the shoemakers' family was born.

Uncles, brothers, nephews: 

all united by a same project. In their father's factory the Garces sisters treasure the best memories of their childhood, playing in the stairs, counting buckles while having Colombian's classic "bread with malta" and taking naps over leather piles.
The years went by and the factory closed, but design remained in the DNA of the Garces. When the time came to choose a career, Yenny ventured into the world of fashion.

In 2015, after a long journey as a teacher and designer, she decided to participate in a local contest that provided her with the opportunity of perfecting her professional skills at Ars Sutoria school in Italy. Two years later, the local International Footwear Leather Show Fair invited her to open the event with a collection. This opportunity was what drove the sisters revive the family factory and pursue their dream of having their own shoe firm.

Garces Bottier honors craft in a world where machines can do almost anything and celebrates what technology will never be able to provide: 
Hands that beat 
It is a project that leaves postponement aside to accomplish the dream of two sisters united by a same passion. It is a brand that brings a family legacy back to life, to elevate women with so much more than a pair of heels.




We manufacture products that do not follow the trends of the moment. They are created to stay current under an inspiration.
siguen las tendencias del momento.
Están creados para mantenerse
actualizados bajo una inspiración.


All Our collections are conceptualized and created based on an inspiration that determines the colors, shapes, and details of each of our designs. We love to bring statement pieces into the universe of our clients.
conceptualizadas y creadas en base a una inspiración que determina los colores, formas y detalles de cada uno de nuestros diseños. Nos encanta traer piezas únicas nuestros clientes.


A zero waste philosophy distinguishes us. The earrings and shoe decorations are made with the leather scraps from each collection, seeking circularity. We use natural materials and local suppliers. Our collaborators are also experienced local shoemakers.


We do not only think about the aesthetics of each of our products. We make pieces that feel as comfortable as a second skin..