Garces Bottier honors the trade in a world where machines can do anything and celebrates what technology can never have: hands that beat. It is a project that leaves postponement aside to fulfill the dream of two sisters united by the same passion. It is a brand that revives a family legacy.
Garces Bottier is a women's footwear brand based in Colombia, created by the Garces sisters with the mission of elevating women, with much more than a pair of heels. 

It is a dream between sisters fulfilled in 2017, which revives the family shoe factory by offering work to local shoemakers.
The timelessness, the game as a design resource and the comfort that only a true Bottier knows how to give to his pieces of art define this proposal that works with natural materials. 

A zero waste philosophy characterizes the brand. With the scraps of leather from each collection, the creatives design earrings, straps and ornaments for their pieces, which complement their lines in search of implementing a circular economy.


Products that do not follow current trends, are created to stay current under inspiration.


Footwear design with the use of heels, platforms and soles carved, turned, painted, worked, highlighting the handmade


Use of materials of natural origin that give comfort to each product.

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